What's New

Please sign up to attend The Assembly Show 2017 . Use code: SUSVIP for free registration. We look forward to seeing you there!
In May 2017, SUS America, Inc. will begin a weekly caravan for visiting potential customers with karakuri prototypes for free demonstrations. Email us at sales2@susamericainc.com or call at (847)350-1525 for inquiries!
Enginnering Cad Service is now available for our members. You can submit your sketch to us, and we will prepare 3D CAD for you. Contact us for more detail. We also have updated and added more information on our "order & delivery" process.
Update for our 3D CAD modeler, Unit Design Ver 7.3, has been released. Various unit templates are also available now. Developed more convinient and usefull to launch projects. Please log in and try to download.
More Karakuri video clips have been added. Please login and watch our items in Action.

GF Series

GF (Green Frame) structural aluminium frames have been designed as a material for work boards, cart, chuters, and racks, to offer the optimum adaptability to factory automation.

SF Series

SF (Standard Frame) is best suited for machine tables and Clean booths. It's very effective as a building component due to its flexibility and recyclability.


Big result with a small effort. Our aluminium frames (GF, Karakuri) work with only a little energy.
Convenient for transportation of parts and works. The lightweight aluminium frames reduce operator workload and offer freedom to modify size as well as shape of the composition.


SUS offers a variety of hybrid factory automation products that combine standard modules with minimum motorization. Simple automation structures and stable movements will reduce the need for adjustment. The Hybrid Chute uses “The Power Unit” as its motor-assisted mechanism and makes two types of electronic movements: the up-down movement and the inclination (unlocking) of the table. These electronic movements not only prevent impact to the work but are also suitable for the supplying and discharging of empty boxes that are hard to flow with their own weight.